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Professional Floral Designer, Event Planner & Stylist | Founder & Lead Designer/Artist

Living my first few years of life on a farm in a small rural area, I became familiar with nature and how things grew. I enjoyed sitting in grass, with a diaper being the only thing separating my skin from the Earth. I spent most of my time outdoors as my parents worked hard on the farm. There was nothing I loved more, or at least from what I can recall, during that time.

Growing up, I loved exploring the outdoors, from collecting flowers and rocks from the woods, to sneaking vegetables from the backyard garden. I also enjoyed lending a hand in the gardens - at my Grandparents' home and at my own house. I believe this is when my obsession with flowers began.

My main job was to pull the weeds, which I didn't mind at all. After I had finished, I was rewarded in the best way. No, not money. I got my own little bouquet of flowers. As a teenager, we moved back to the country and had lavish home gardens, which my Mom beautifully maintained. Once again, I did my best to assist in every possible way.

Fast forward to a handful of years later, when life was quite different than it had been in the past. My Grandparents had passed away, and therefore, so did their flowers in a way. I also lost my Mom somewhat unexpectedly, and so the eagerness to work in the gardens drifted from my desires.

Despite shifting away from tending to gardens, I then jumped deeper into the world of orchids. I own close to three dozen different species of orchids. I'm a member of the Southern Ontario Orchid Society and won a prestigious award during my first year as a member at our annual show.

I'm married to a wonderful man, and have a 4-year-old son. I also have a great support system, which includes my extended family and close friends.


Although I chose to enter into a career in professional sports, I had always craved a creative outlet which would allow my passion of flowers to bloom once again. In addition to gardening and other work, my Nana and Mom also had a side business which focused on silk floral arrangements and other beautiful handmade accessories.

Looking back at their business and combining my knowledge of inherited floral skills, was how Stem to Stem Petals began to grow and still continues to do so to this day.

- Natasha Guz Stanley

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