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When you hear the word "craft", different things come to mind for different people. For us, it's craft beer. Yes, while it may be shocking that we think of something other than flowers, it's true! Craft beer holds a special place in Natasha's heart, just as much as flowers and running (a story for another day!). She met her husband through a community of runners in Toronto who'd run, yeah you guessed it, to craft breweries and brewpubs.

Just like the motto of Natasha's running community, Stem to Stem Petals supports all things locally based and grown. So we figured why not combine two loves, and brew up some of the best brew-quets (too much? most likely), using the best stuff grown right here in Ontario.

After a few months of developing the idea, we've finally started Crafted! Imagine rotating taps of beer-inspired floral projects.

Untitled design (25).png

The main component is a bi-monthly bouquet subscription, which will bring a curated array of locally grown stems right to your doorstep! Consider Stem to Stem Petals a microbrewery (or even a nanobrewery), but with flowers. But act fast, as these bouquets, just like small batch beer, will have limited availability from May through October!

The release dates will vary month-to-month, and will be posted on our website. In order to ensure we make the most unique brews of flowers, you will need to pre-order a week before your desired delivery day.

Bouquets will be $80 (tax included) with free delivery in Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville - and for an extra $15, we'll go anywhere between Toronto and Brantford.

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