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Natasha has a love for education, and therefore she didn't think twice about learning from multiple sources before jumping into the world of floral design! She holds a diploma and certificate in professional design and event planning, and has been a member of a comprehensive learning and development program, Team Flower, since October 2019.


If you're passionate about florals, and want to learn from the best, please take a look at the schools and programs shown below. They won't disappoint!


Canadian Institute of Floral Design

"CIFD is the largest independent, professional floral design college in Canada. Their diploma in Professional Floral Design is widely recognized within the North American floral industry."



New York

"Offering a vast array of floral design classes, FlowerSchool brings the most sought-after designers from all over the world to teach their uniquely comprehensive programs."


Team Flower

"Team Flower is a comprehensive learning and development program for flower professionals. In addition, it's a community of florists that support and learn from each others' experiences."

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