Flower Subscriptions

Do you enjoy buying fresh flowers to give your home that added touch? Do you like surprising your spouse with flowers? Or perhaps grabbing a bouquet, "just because"? If so, then consider purchasing a bouquet subscription!

Starting in January 2020, Stem to Stem Petals is happy to offer a monthly flower bouquet subscription. You can choose from monthly (12 bouquets per year) or bi-monthly (6 total bouquets) subscriptions. Currently, this service is only offered to those who live within the GTA. You can choose to either have the bouquets delivered or schedule a pick-up. Please note, all bouquets will be hand-tied. If you have any questions before the final details are ironed out, please email me at natasha@stemtostempetals.com. I'd love to assist in any way!

If that wasn't enough to convince you to jump on-board, then click here to see Flora Queen's 4 reasons why you should keep fresh flowers in your home!


January to December 2020

(One bouquet each month)



January to December 2020

(One bouquet bi-monthly)


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